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The only Karate officially recognised by the government

The AKF Inc was formed nationally in 1970 and in South Australia in 1972 and is still dedicated to its service and instruction to the community well into the 21st century.

The federation was formed by a dedicated group of instructors to expand and pass on the teachings of the art and the sport of Karate-Do in Australia.

Member organisations practice various style of Karate-Do, but all share the same objectives.


To provide the community access to the many benefits that the stringent study of the true art that Karate-Do offers, plus educating the community in the need for a means to protect and defend themselves.


To provide A.K.F. members a safe, yet changing competitive arena to express their skills in combative form. Members compete State, National and if chosen, Internationally.


To offer the community the security, confidence and peace of mind that only the A.K.F. can offer as Australia's only government recognised karate body.

The A.K.F. with its affiliations to the world body, World Karate Federation, W.K.F enjoys a fraternity of over 30 million members in over 120 countries.

The A.K.F. is affiliated with the:

Through the Australian Sports Comission, A.K.F. Instructors can obtain the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) Level I, II and III, accreditation.

Through these affiliations, the A.K.F. is privileged to use the facilities at the Australian Institute of Sport, South Australia and Canberra to prepare its elite athletes for International competition.

Remember coaches and students who are members affiliated with the A.K.F. are those privileged to wear the Green and Gold of Australia.

There are A.K.F. Members in South Australia in over 40 locations throughout South Australia.


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